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Monday, December 7, 2009

Person With Disabilities Day (PWD)

Together to Get There
10 years
"We, Thought many, are on body in Christ." (Rom 12: 4-5)

Friday, November 13, 2009

"Deaf Festival: BEST OF 15 YEARS"
November 16 to 21

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Deaf Festival: BEST OF 15 YEARS

Hi everyone! Please watch here. We would like to invite you in Deaf Festival on November 16 to 21, 2009.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Baguio Relief Story

From the kind donations of Columbia Foods, Syngenta Foundation, Liwanag Candles, Fuego matches and from a lot of private individuals, we were able to send to Baguio 150 relief packs last October 17.

Relief was received and distributed by Raquel Corpuz, PFD President. Here is her email:
Smiles of the Deaf people express gratefulness for your kind help by coming to our rescue by sending us relief, we've been isolated here in Cordillera for 5 days, food and basic need is scared, 4x ang prices.

Tuwang tuwa sila kasi may kasamang Tuyo (dry fish),
Ito po ang mga recipients
Baguio School for the Deaf
YMCA Deaf Christian Ministry
Jehova Witness Deaf Ministry
Baguio Deaf community
The other relief goods ay pinahatid ko sa mga sa mga di nakapunta.
Maraming salamat po ulit

Friday, October 23, 2009

Birthday by Techie, Ariscel and Christian

Over a much anticipated fully loaded celebration of food and drinks, 3 members of SDEAS faculty and staff team agreed to celebrate their birthdays with gratitude for love and friendship as they ate cookies and drank pepsi. The funds shared meant for pizza and pansit was instead donated to the Relief Fund Drive of SDEAS.

Happy Birthday to all!!


It is with great appreciation for the support provided by TEAM ENERGY FOUNDATION to the Deaf people and their families in La Union. They are on their way to St. Williams Parish in San Fernando, La Union. Tomorrow 7am they will distribute to the Deaf people and their families who were also affected by floods in the area.

After this distribution, TEAM ENERGY FOUNDATION group will go to San Juan, La Union to also distribute to 400 families in a remote baranggay.

Thank you TEAM ENERGY FOUNDATION friends for joining us in our effort to reach out to Deaf people and PWDs.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Message from Raquel Corpuz - President of Philippine Federation of the Deaf

To Deaf friends and friends of Deaf people:

SDEAS was able to send 6 sacks and 3 boxes of goods to Baguio (150 bags with rice, dried fish, beans, canned goods). Raq of PFD received it. She texted Giselle the following translated message:

"Deaf were... very happy, especially with the dried fishes and beans. Some of them going home now to Itogon and Atok. PWD thru Edward and I gave 49 for FArad. The PWD brought it immediately to Tuba where ...most PWD stay. There are still PWD in need of help from Rosales, Pangasinan. They are in school. 2 students teary eyed because their house destroyed."

Please continue to send in your support. Next wave of assistance will be given to PWDs and Deaf people of La Union and Pangasinan.

Friday, October 16, 2009

When We Cared, When We Shared

"Why, then, was there so much misery? Why, then, was greed more consistent than kindness? Why were so many left to fend for themselves in the most harsh of conditions attendant to poverty when there is great abundance and wealth available to ease t...he pain of scarcity? Why do those in power prove unable to resist the temptation to exploit the very people they were sworn to protect and serve?

It occurred to me that life is giving us all the choices to be there for one another, and intensifies this reality through natural calamities. Yet, we choose more often not to care when we can care, not to share when we can share, to take advantage when we can be generous, to use the uniform for war when it can save lives. There is so much goodwill and sympathy around us, triggered by the sight and need of so many who have died, who have suffered, who went sick and hungry.

I hope that many of us will remember this moment when we cared more and gave more, and that it is always a choice we can make.

~ Jose Ma. Montelibano (Read the whole article here)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Message from SDEAS Dean

Last week Rak Corpuz, President of PFD, texted Giselle and told her of the difficult situation of some Deaf persons in the areas of Baguio, Nueva Ecija, La Union, and La Trinidad. These areas were affected by Typhoon Pepeng that came after Typhoon Ondoy. There are around 250 Deaf persons who are in need of help. If you can still donate food or money, or know people who can donate, SDEAS is accepting donations to be sent to Baguio for distribution through Rak Corpuz and other friends we have already contacted.

The donations we need are:

  • rice
  • canned goods
  • dried fish
  • biscuits

You can bring your donations to the SDEAS Office or C-DEAF Office.

Thank you very much for your generosity. J



Maria Veronica Templo-Perez

School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde

#2544 Taft Avenue, Manila

(632) 5267441 loc. 131/210


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Karapatan sa Malikhaing Paraan


Formal Launch
October 13, 2009 Tuesday, 2:00 - 5:00 P.M.
Balay Kalinaw, U.P. Diliman

Monday, October 12, 2009

October 5, 2009 - Thank you

We would like to thank Liwanag Candles for the 5 boxes of candles they sent along with t-shirts to be given to those affected by the calamities. THANK YOU, Mr. Sevilla!

Also a complimentary donation from Fuego Matches- water proof! The donation was facilitated by Ms Ellen Lumayor.

Salamat for the light!

Oct 2 Relief Efforts

Even with the school having half day operations, a number of Deaf volunteers still came in. We had to put the undistributed relief on the tables lest water threatens the classrooms/ offices again. We also had a briefing on the SDEAS communication system and what to do in case disaster strike.

Spoke with Richard of Philcoced. He inquired if we have more food to distribute. I said yes we have boiled eggs and kamote but the car can't travel far. We agreed to leave the food in Magic Touch, Edsa Central and Philcoced team would pick it up from there and bring to the intended PWD community. We had water to spare and medicines (4 boxes- full!) from the Social Action Office was added. He did mention that he hopes we can set up the kitchen and have a team help in the clean up efforts in TWH.

Mass capped the relief efforts for the week. We had to send the students home.

Another community (c/o interpreter Ronnie) from Novaliches/Fairview came in to request for relief. Good thing we have something ready to share.

Just before Pepeng starts I got a text from Richard that the relief was picked up and on its way to a community. Got a call from Noli Agcaoli who mentioned that the community enjoyed the adobo and binagoongan.

Some thoughts: hope telecom companies would also lower texting costs. We can't enjoy the P3/minute call since it can't be used by the deaf communities.

Nicky and I got texts from non-CSB deaf who reported that they too were affected by Ondoy.

Acknowledgements: thanks to the donors: Sary, Nicky's newest angel for the food; still to be picked up donations from Syngenta Foundation and Jaka.

Friday, October 9, 2009

October 1, 2009 Relief Operation in Tumana, Marikina

Deaf contingent went to Tumana (pam's place) to distribute goods. Went in 2 cars with roughly 200-250 relief packs. Community was so thankful because they have not yet received any relief even a stub. Some clothes were returned because food was more important.

Another group continued repacking. This time focused on food-rice and can goods.

In lieu of a b-day party, Nicky's 1-year old food party was sent to TWH thru Bahay Biyaya: Adobo and Binagoongang Baboy.

Deaf news and info formed

Sunday, October 4, 2009

September 30 road to Tumana, Marikina

The road to Pam's house. Lots of people, former possessions now garbage line the streets. Mud was not an obstacle for people who wanted to go back to normalcy. Smiles and waving hands were always ready for the camera

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Volunteers

September 29 Gathering

September 30 Gathering

Call for Donations

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Assessment Made Last Septeber 30, 2009

PWD homes and groups c/o PhilCOCHED

PhilCOCHED affiliate Cheshire Homes affected by Typhoon Ondoy

Name of Home


# of Children and Persons with Disabilities

Extent of Damage

Immediate Needs

Tahanang Walang Hagdanan (TWH)

Cainta, Rizal

200 Persons with Disabilities

Office & Production Equipments, Work Facilities worth 1M are destroyed due to flood;

Disabled workers’ homes and their families living outside Tahanan are also destroyed

Mineral Water,



Clothing, Cushion and Blankets,


Bahay Kalinga

Indang, Cavite

59 elderly women with disabilities and children with disabilities

Personal belongings and their beddings are destroyed because of flood

Household appliances and their furniture are destroyed

Mineral Water,



Clothing, Cushion, Mattress and Blankets,


Bahay San Jose

San Alfonso, Cavite

12 children and youth with disabilities

Personal belongings and their beddings are affected because of flood

Mineral Water,



Clothing, Cushion, Mattress and Blankets,


Bahay Mapagmahal 2

Novaliches, Quezon City

17 children with disabilities

Furniture, Home utensils and their beddings are destroyed due to flood

Roof Replacement,

Mineral Water,



Clothing, Cushion, Mattress and Blankets,


NOH-Sta. Lucia

Novaliches, Quezon City

20 children with disabilities

Furniture, Home utensils and their beddings are destroyed due to flood

Mineral Water,



Clothing, Cushion, Mattress and Blankets,


Sinag-tala Boys

Proj. 6, Quezon City

15 children with disabilities

Personal belongings and their beddings are destroyed because of flood

Mineral Water,



Clothing, Cushion, Mattress and Blankets,


Sinag-tala Girls

Proj. 8, Quezon City

10 children with disabilities

Personal belongings and their beddings are destroyed because of flood

Mineral Water,



Clothing, Cushion, Mattress and Blankets,


Bahay Biyaya

*in this home, PhilCOCHED office resides

Cubao, Quezon City

17 youth with disabilities

Office equipments worth P100, 000 are destroyed because of flood

Mineral Water,



Bukang Liwayway

Arlegui, Quiapo

10 persons with disabilities

Personal belongings and their beddings are destroyed because of flood

Mineral Water,



Clothing, Cushion, Mattress and Blankets,


Bahay San Lorenzo

Proj. 4, Quezon City

8 persons with disabilities

Personal belongings and their beddings are destroyed because of flood

Mineral Water,



Clothing, Cushion, Mattress and Blankets,


Bahay San Pedro

Bustos, Bulacan

3 children with disabilities and their families

Half hectare of the rice fields (as their livelihood) are ruin by flood

Mineral Water,



Clothing, Cushion, Mattress and Blankets,


Bahay Liwanag

Urduja Village, Caloocan City

10 persons with disabilities and their families

Workplace is affected by flood



Bahay Pangarap

Novaliches, Quezon City

60 persons with disabilities and their families

Persons with disabilities’ homes and their families are affected



Lugaw and Eggs

Update taken from DLS-CSB SDEAS Facebook Page
by Giselle Montero

DLS-CSB Deaf was able to bring lugaw, eggs (from donors), and relief packs intended for PWDs to Philcoced. Sr. Valeriana herself asked the team to bring the food directly to an area. She said to the team (no introductions na raw), "Is that cooked food? Good, c'mon let's go, they can't wait." So team went directly to a community with her! Yan si Sister, action agad!

One team visited a Sign language teacher, Pam, in Tumana and also hoped to get in touch with other Deaf students who have not yet been accounted for. Pam was so touched with the visit and the needed food.

Tomorrow, October 1, the Deaf team will once again visit Marikina to distribute relief.

- Ms Chiqui will be bringing sandwiches to Philcoced - food intended for PWDs
- Will be repacking more cooked food later in the afternoon.

PADAYON! DLS-CSB calls for more donations. This time, please more food and water. Immediate Needs: medicines, water, food, cleaning implements - Will also accept toys, school supplies, bags for kids. Need also: transpo and drivers.

>> We say thank you to you donors, volunteers... Kudos to DLS-CSB SAO, and Benildean Deaf Association. Action agad!

The New People Power

Excerpt from Facebook
by Jason Quinones

My colleague and I and 2 Deaf students (as part of the SDEAS team), together with Sr. Valeriana and Sr. Antonette of Tahanang Walang Hagdanan went to a small community (Espana Village in New York, Cubao) affected by 'Ondoy'.

We could only bring porridge, boiled eggs and several packs of relief goods. You could really see the desperation and hunger in their eyes, especially the little children. At this point, they need cooked food but they need more than food to rebuild their lives.

So if you could help, please give what you can. Money, clothes, blankets, diapers, food, your time or your talent... believe me, any help would be deeply appreciated. If you know of any other small communities that have not yet been reached by relief operations, please go to them directly.

This is the new people power. It's time that we come together once again for our brothers and sisters...for our country!

Do Not Forget Them

Re-posted article. Taken from T. dela Torre FB post -

Do Not Forget Them

There are many people in need of help, but two particular groups you are likely unaware of is the sector of People with Disabilities (PWDs) and the Deaf community sector.

Barriers exist due to structures and systems that are not PWD and Deaf friendly. These prevent them from having freedom in mobility to meet their needs. There are barriers to information where they miss out critical directions for support and advice for life improvement due to miscommunication and late arrival of information. In addition, due to lack of information and misinformation about their uniqueness and needs, other people easily take them for granted and misjudge their needs as asking for "special favors" but is actually a "bridging" effort to overcome barriers.

At this particular time, the PWDs and Deaf people are again in isolation. There are many relief operations going on for majority of the victims of the devastated areas, but they are unable to receive much needed support. Basic needs for food and clothes do not reach them as quickly as it would reach others who are able to move quickly or able to get hold of information in time. Can we be the bridge by helping them at this most critical time?

At present, the Philippine Council of Cheshire Homes for the Disabled (PHILCOCED) is working with other organizations for PWDs and the Deaf community in doing a scan of the affected areas, locating the victims and documenting their situation. Designated areas are now identified for the affected sector of different areas to go to for their relief goods or they are personally brought to the organizations where there are many affected members such as Tahanang Walang Hagdanan and the Karangalan Village with Blind people . PHILCOCED is now the collection center that makes sure all areas are covered.

And so, may I ask your help to extend to this group all the help you are also giving to others. If you are involved with organizations responsible for collection and distribution, please include PHILCOCED as one of your beneficiaries.

Individuals and groups who are looking for ways to help and have the network of friends and associates who may be able to send help, please contact:

PHILCOCED - Philippine Council of Cheshire Homes for the Disabl...ed - #8 St. Michael St., New York Ext, Cubao, QC (Bahay Biyaya, front of Immaculate Conception)
Tel 721-39-20 >> They have a distribution system.

De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde accept donations for PWDs and the Deaf Community. DLS-CSB, Taft Ave Manila CP 0917 500 8836 / 4005406

Needs: medicine, water, food, toiletries, banig, blankets, large water containers, rice, water, cleaning implements. For additional needs, please check attached file


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

UPDATE from Persons with Disabilities

This is a re-post from DLS-CSB SDEAS Facebook Page
by Giselle Montero

> Deaf faculty and students verified gravely affected numbers to 9. (House swept away or buried in landslide) Still confirming others.

>Tahanang Walang Hagdanan and the Pamayanan ng may Kapansanan: There are over 100 PWDs at TWH and 50 blind persons in Karangalan Phase 2. Needs: food and water (urgent) and if there is an electrician that can check TWH so can restore electricity.

>Deaf setting up lugaw kitchen. Need your help.
Donations needed: rice, tofu, can goods, cooking oil, eggs, water, bowls, spoon, coffee, cups, glasses, water dispensers, clothes, blankets, basic utensils for the house, lutuan, pots and pans.

>Please drop your donations at DLS-CSB, Taft Ave., Manila. Can also do pick up. Drop off points for food can be at Magic Touch Unit C03 Food Stall section, Market Place, EDSA Central, Mandaluyong - For food to be cooked.

>Volunteers for driving and pick ups are also encouraged.
Text: 0917-5008836

For direct sending of food donations (ready to eat- no water, and available kitchen in TWH)- Marick Subdivision, Cainta; Blind families at karangalan Phase 2 C3 Brgy Maggahan, Pasig

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Announcements: Be On the Look Out for PWDs and Deaf People

Please lend a hand.

To all volunteers in collection and distribution centers of affected areas: Please be on the look out for Deaf people and other People with Disabilities. They are one of the most vulnerable groups... they need additional help to make sure information reach them. We will update in a while on specifics of what to do and how to help.

Please let me know if you have suggestions or you are in contact with Deaf and PWD groups or individuals who are in need of special assistance- State Name, Address, Name of School if student, if need help state situation, if assisted and is in evacuation center please state contact details... more to come......we will just collect information for now.

Contact -Nicky 09272809550, Techie 09175702946, Giselle 09175008836 or 09188855212, John 09183099408, Joi V 09196355131. Update you soon.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SDEAS Business Track students tour Gardenia Factory

Last Aug 7, 2009, ENGLICOM, the Filipino-Chinese student organization of DLSU-M, sponsored a tour of the Gardenia Factory in Laguna for SDEAS Business Track students.

The ENGLICOM members and SDEAS students were treated with a video presentation of how Gardenia started and how it grew to be a very successful company today. The video emphasized on Gardenia’s corporate values and commitment to Quality and Consistency in every bread they make. After the video presentation the students were toured around the vast bread factory. The students were fascinated by how big the operation was and how quality is maintained in each stage of the baking process up until the bread is packed and delivered to the customers. The factory tour ended with a visit to the bread shop where visitors could buy different Gardenia products at discounted prices.

After the Gardenia factory tour, the group headed back to Manila. The group settled at Luneta Park to have lunch. Everyone brought food to share. ENGLICOM even prepared some food for the whole group. When everyone was full and rested, it was time for interaction. Even though it was raining at that time the group proceeded to have some fun and games. The group played charades inside the bus while they waited for the rain to stop. When the rain clouds cleared, everyone participated in some parlor games on the park grounds.

At the end of the day, the students were all tired and some were dirty with mud but both the Deaf and the Hearing students learned something new and surely had a great time. This partnership of SDEAS with ENGLICOM shows that we could all learn from each other if we just set aside our differences and celebrate our similarities.

Written by: Jason QuiƱones

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lessons from Riku Virtanen

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lessons from Riku Virtanen

Riku Virtanen is a Deaf-Blind lawyer fromFinland and currently the Vice President of the Threshold Association, a group that advocates for independent living and human rights.

Augusto-Rosario Gonzales Theater, 5th floor De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde,
2544 Taft Ave, Manila
June 30, 2009
9:30 am - 11:30 am

For Inquiries, email : sdeas.opd@gmail.com
text: 09162657558

Friday, May 29, 2009

Study Sign Language and Open Opportunities!

Study Sign Language and Open Opportunities!

Reach Out to More People!

Discover the uniqueness of Deaf Culture!

at the De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB)

Classes are held three hours a week for 14 weeks and are conducted
by Deaf teachers.

Choose from the following schedule are: Mon/Wed/Fri, or Mon/Fri, or Tues/Thurs, or Sat.

Course fee : Php 2,400.00 (plus Php 535 for those who do not have a
DLS-CSB Generic ID).

For inquiries, please contact the Filipino Sign Language Learning Program
(FSLLP) unit at the School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies (SDEAS)
office at 526-7441 Local 131 by ENROLLMENT EXTENDED TO JUNE 26,2009