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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Celebration of the Different Faces of the Daughters of Eve

By: Maria Jesusa Charisma Nofies

Last March 15-26, the School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies (SDEAS) celebrated “Women’s Month,” with the theme “Ang Pagdiriwang ng Iba’t-Ibang Mukha ng mga Anak ni Eba” (Celebration of the Different Faces of the Daughters of Eve) to pay tribute and give respect to women in different aspects and status in their lives.

Ms. Maria Veronica Templo-Perez or Ms. Nicky, our SDEAS Dean encouraged all Bachelor in Applied Deaf Studies (BAPDST) students to attend the different kinds of workshops and seminars prepared for us in line with the celebration so we can learn, be aware, and have more knowledge about the issues women face today. Various workshop topics include “Empowered Women,” “Cervical Cancer Awareness,” “Deaf Human Rights,” “New Baby, New Mommy,” and “Personal Health Awareness.”

We, the first year BAPDST students from different sections, were also given a project to do by our teachers in our Aesthetics subject (DAESTHE) to draw about “Deaf Womanhood.” After we finished our projects, our teachers along with the help of other multimedia staff members planned and displayed all of these drawings in the boards and placed them near PEN-MLC as an exhibit. Everyone in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde was invited to come and view it.

At the Closing Program of SDEAS’ Woman’s Month Celebration last March 26 which was hosted by Ms. Mary Jane Puson and Mrs. Jennifer Balan, Deaf Life Skills Development Program Facilitators, the winners of the Dear Womanhood exhibit were announced. Winners include Angelica Michelle Abayan and Rodolfo Jimenez.

This Women’s Month celebration’s purpose was to empower women and let people know, particularly the Deaf Benildean students, faculty, and alumni, the value of women in our lives. We must protect women’s welfare, especially the Deaf woman. Many Deaf and Hearing people have women in their lives too. They are our mothers, sisters, friends, grandmothers, aunts, and teachers.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

UP CASP Celebrates Women’s Month 2010

UP CASP Celebrates Women’s Month 2010
By: Julienne Angela B. del Rosario

In celebration of Women’s Month, the UP Collegiate Association of Speech Pathologists conducted a forum with the theme “Babae, Tagumpay Sa Kabila ng Kapansanan,” last March 16 at the Little Theater of the University of the Philippines Manila.

The forum featured three speakers: Ma. Anaditha Angcay, Mutya Montoya, and Lalaine Guanzon. All of them spoke of how they conquered the odds of having disabilities and eventually became successful individuals.
Ms. Anaditha Angcay of College of Saint Benilde- School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies (CSB-SDEAS), gave an in-depth story of how she lived with her disability. She shared how there were times when she had to support herself because of her difficult family situation and how hard it is to be forced to do things you really cannot do with your disability. But she also proudly spoke of her achievements despite not only her disability but also her numerous hardships in life. She showed that being a woman, disabled and young does not necessarily make you powerless. Her life story is proof that women can indeed succeed despite disability. Ms. Angcay was also able to impart some knowledge on the sign language counterpart of some common phrases and also discussed what terminologies actually apply to them. She gave the audience some insight on how persons with disabilities feel when they are given labels that do not actually pertain to them.
(to read her full speech, please visit: http://deaf-e-news.blogspot.com/2010/04/up-collegiate-association-of-speech.html)

The audience, which was mainly composed of both male and female students from the College of Allied Medical Professions, was very receptive to the speakers’ words since the experiences shared by the speakers were highly inspirational and their words were very insightful. Some members of the audience raised substantive questions to the speakers, like if there were times when they felt like they were being discriminated. To these questions, the speakers eagerly gave their own share of experiences. There was also one question raised to Ms. Angcay on which sign language system she was using, and she willingly informed the audience that she was using Filipino Sign Language and even explained why this system is more convenient to use.

Before the program ended, two students from CSB-SDEAS gave a heartwarming dance performance that left the audience with the impression that disabilities are really no obstacles to the expression of one’s self.

The UP Collegiate Association of Speech Pathologists (CASP) is an academic organization of undergraduate BS Speech Pathology students at the College of Allied Medical Professions in the University of the Philippines Manila. It has, for its primary goal, the active and meaningful involvement of BS Speech Pathology students towards causes aimed to help individuals who have difficulties or handicaps in communicating.

This school year, the organization was able to conduct many activities that helped raised people’s awareness on persons with disabilities. During the Speech Pathology Week, there was a film showing of “Silent Odyssey,” and there was a symposium held to discuss laryngectomy and the perils of smoking. This coming year, the organization plans to further help and empower groups of persons with disabilities, as well as make more people aware of the profession.

*Julienne del Rosario is the current Vice President of the UP Collegiate Association of Speech Pathologists